28mm War of 1812

THE WAR OF 1812 (1812-1815)

     28mm American Regiments in the War of 1812 
28-1812-AI-1   American Regiments (Northern Campaigns I) 2nd, 4th, 11th,
28-1812-AI-2   American Regiments (Northern Campaigns II) 13th, 14th, 22nd,
28-1812-AI-3   American Regiments (Northern Campaigns III) 25th, 68th Light Infantry, New York Militia.
Each Flag set contains 6 flags including national and regimental flags.

     28mm British Infantry in the War of 1812
28-1812-BI-1   1812-1813, Queenston Heights/Sackett's Harbour/Chrysler's Farm I.
                         1st, 8th, 41st.
28-1812-BI-2   1812-1813, Queenston Heights/Sackett's Harbour/Chrysler's Farm II.
                         49th, 89th, 100th
28-1812-BI-3   1812-1813, Queenston Heights/Sackett's Harbour/Chrysler's Farm III.
                         104th, Royal Newfoundland Fencibles.
28-1812-BI-4   1814, Chippawa/Lundy's Lane I.
                         1st, 8th, 41st,
28-1812-BI-5   1814, Chippawa/Lundy's Lane II.
                         89th, 100th, 103rd,
28-1812-BI-6   1814, Chippawa/Lundy's Lane III.
                         104th, Incorperated Militia of Upper Canada.
28-1812-BI-7   1814 Washington/New Orleans I.
                         4th, 21st, 27th.
28-1812-BI-8   1814 Washington/New Orleans II.
                         40th, 43rd, 44th.
28-1812-BI-9   1814 Washington/New Orleans III.
                         85th, 93rd, 95th.
28-1812-BI-10  Canadian Militia.
                          1st Canadian, 4th Canadian, 5th Canadian,
28-1812-BI-11  Canadian Militia and Swiss Regiments.
                          Incorperated Militia of Upper Canada, de Meuron, de Watteville.
Each Flag set contains 6 flags, including both King’s and Regimental Colours for each regiment.